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Holiday season keiko schedule

Markham Kendo Club holiday season keiko schedule

2014/12/14 Sunday 16:30-18:30 Regular keiko@Centennial Community Centre
2014/12/17 Wednesday 20:15-21:45 Regular keiko@Centennial Community Centre
2014/12/21 Sunday 16:30-18:30 Regular keiko@Centennial Community Centre
2014/12/28 Sunday 16:30-18:30 Regular keiko@Centennial Community Centre
2014/01/03 Saturday 14:30-16:30 New Year’s Keiko@Nikka Gakuen Kendo Club
2015/01/04 Sunday 16:30-18:30 Regular keiko@Centennial Community Centre

Happy Holidays, Happy Kendo  :-D

Markham Kendo Club Christmas party

Hi Markham Kendo Club,

Here is the plan for this year’s Christmas party.

Please don’t forget to mark your calendar.

Any question, please feel free.

Thank you,

Parents meeting day / Club photo day

To Markham Kendo Club Jr. member’s parents:

Thank you very much for your support always.

We will have 2014-2015 season parents-sensei meeting as follows. We will report our vision, plan and the status. If you have any questions please feel free to bring. After we will take photos with all members and families together.

Date/time: Sep. 28th(Sun) 16:30-17:30

Location: Centennial Community Centre, gym


2nd location

From Lawrence sensei:

To all MKC members, the practices at our 2nd location at 2800 John Street, Unit 11 (just west of Woodbine Ave) will resume starting this Thursday, January 16th from 8PM to 9PM.




From Kendo Ontario:

On behalf of Kendo Ontario I would like to wish Happy New Year to all the kendo players and their families in Ontario. I would also like to wish everyone the best for 2014 and challenge all to make their own kendo as well as our collective kendo better. We have a great group of people in Ontario. Let us all make Ontario the best place to play kendo in. With everyone’s support we can do it and have a very successful year.

Best Regards
David Johnson
Kendo Ontario